Providing the tastiest tamales in all of DFW!

Tamales Menu


Tamales are delivered FROZEN heating instructions HERE


All Tamales are MSG, Gluten & Lard FREE.

  • (MEDIUM) Chicken – our chicken tamales are made with boneless skinless chicken breast Natural & Hormone FREE, seasoned with Lulu’s tamales special seasoning blend- $ 13.00 per dozen
  • (MEDIUM) Pork – our pork tamales are made with high quality pork shoulder blended to perfection with Lulu’s tamales special seasoning blend- $13.00 per dozen
  • (HOT) VEGETERIAN- Cream Cheese & Jalapeno – our cream cheese & jalapeno tamales are made with a delectable blend of Philadelphia Cream Cheese & Jalapenos. These Tamales are recommended to all the spicy food lovers and vegetarian customers- $13.00 per dozen
  • (MILD-MEDIUM) VEGAN – Refried Black Beans & Jalapeño – these tamales are a great choice for our vegetarian customers. We start by slow cooking natural black beans, then we refry the beans seasoned with Lulu’s tamales special seasoning blend and Jalapeno to really bring out the unique flavor.- $13.00 per dozen






21 thoughts on “Tamales Menu

  1. Shelby on said:

    Hello. I have a question. I was wondering if any or all of your tamales are wheat free? Thank you.

  2. Brantley on said:

    thank you LULU for the lesson at MEET UP host home (Dawn). Now I learned how to make tamales! I will try new dessert tamales to make some.

  3. Staci on said:

    Do you offer special ones for the holidays, piña, etc.?

  4. Jennifer King on said:

    How far in advance do you need to order them for Sunday August 4th.

  5. Hi can i get the pork in mild?

  6. Shelly on said:

    How are the tamales delivered? And how long does it take?

  7. Joey Edwards on said:

    Do you deliver to North Richland Hills?

  8. Dcarriker on said:

    How much to deliver to Saginaw?

  9. Dana Ventrca on said:

    Could I get tamales that are not hot? My stomach will not let me eat spicy.

  10. Can you provide nutrtional information on your tamales? Mainly carb and protein counts?

  11. Julie Lusero on said:

    Do u deliver in Mansfield ? If yes, what is the charge ?

  12. Is the masa for your tamales made with pork lard?

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